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Antut (Beijing) Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Antut) is a leading high-end IT operation and maintenance service provider in China. With IT operation and maintenance service as its core business, Antut provides industry users with full life cycle service guarantee in the fields of data center, software and hardware systems, information and innovation software and hardware systems, data management, and information security。Through one-stop O&M solutions, Antut helps customers meet the challenges of traditional IT support, reduce high costs, and focus resources and budgets more on strategic planning and business innovation。

As enterprises demand flexibility and control over their IT infrastructure, there is a growing demand for standalone IT support and maintenance solutions。As an industry leader in third-party maintenance solutions, Antut offers more options and support for businesses to maintain and upgrade data center and network equipment。Whether migrating to the cloud, hosting facilities, building new data centers, or consolidating multiple data centers and storage devices, Antut gives customers the flexibility and choice to adopt new solutions, with autonomy and control, to use their IT assets productively, securely and reliably。

Antut always adheres to the path of innovative development,Independently developed a series of operation and maintenance service software tools,Covering operation and maintenance daily tools, system monitoring, expert systems, alarm platforms, etc.At the same time, it has launched the software and hardware system services of Xinchuang, the database series of Totem and data management products,Realize the "service + product" dual drive,Strive to become the leader of operation and maintenance services in the new digital era。

Antut has been providing professional IT technical services in China for more than 20 years, and has accumulated extensive service experience, which can not only provide overall operation and maintenance services for large data centers, but also provide in-depth technical support for hardware and software products。Through cross-platform, cross-vendor, cross-hardware and software comprehensive services, to fully ensure the continuity of customer business to provide a strong guarantee, is the customer in the field of IT system operation and maintenance experts and consultants, at the same time, as the first responder to the customer IT system to provide effective technical support。

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Scope of service包括:

7*24 service support for network, host and storage devices;

Cloud platform, virtualization architecture consulting, implementation and operation and maintenance;

Database, middleware and backup software support and services;

Xinchuang system migration and operation and maintenance services;

Data center operation and maintenance consulting, implementation and operation and maintenance tool development;

Data center equipment migration, data migration services;

IDC equipment integration, room expansion and optimization services;

Through flexible service levels and contract terms (SLAs), Antut helps customers reduce IT operating expenses by at least 40%.Freeing the operation and maintenance of IT infrastructure from the constraints of the original vendor;Extend the service life of the equipment without affecting the SLA, and further save the cost。

To date, Antut has established more than 1,000 strategic partners across the country, helping customers manage an average of more than 100,000 equipment per year。The customer base covers different industries such as finance, telecommunications, government, transportation, manufacturing, and energy, and many customers come from the world's top 500 companies, of which 10% of customers have cooperated with each other for more than ten years。In the digital age, Antut will continue to innovate to help customers better deploy their IT assets to meet the unique needs of changing IT infrastructures and provide customers with more flexibility in their IT assets。

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